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Programming Examples are back!

Posted by Luigi 21.03.2004 13:17

Since the release of DaoGen 2.0.0 there have been no example programs available for you. I do realize the need for good examples as it is usually the easiest way for getting to know new stuff. It is however quite time consuming to write good examples, since they need to be really well documented to be usable. So I spent the last night writing one basic examples to get started with that stuff. Please take a look at: and feel free to post your comments here.

The plan is that I will first procuce something like 3 examples for Java and then move to PHP examples. Since this going to take some time (I prefer doing real programming instead simple examples) post your comments below if you feel the need of PHP examples is great.

// Luigi

Re: Programming Examples are back!

Posted by Luigi 09.04.2004 18:19

Well, finally I can report some progress with the examples project. I just published the new set of examples, 3 for Java and one for PHP language. These examples are quite well documented and they should help you getting started with DaoGen. I really hope you like them, and please post your comments here!!

// Luigi