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FrontPage » Forums » DaoGen Forums » Extremely good idea ?? how can I ????

Extremely good idea ?? how can I ????

Posted by anonymous 27.09.2004 15:35

Hello you have a brilliant dao genetor, I am vey much interrested if posible to download it.

Re: Extremely good idea ?? how can I ????

Posted by Luigi 27.09.2004 21:25

Well, it is good to hear you liked it! At the moment the generator itself is not available for download, but I am still considering to make it available (Open Source). Is there some spesific reason why you need to download it? All implemented functionality is available here:

// Luigi

Re: Re: Extremely good idea ?? how can I ????

Posted by seybaa 28.09.2004 17:23

well In was thinking of using against a many tables on oracles 10g database,UUUNNNN it could be that i have misunderstood something.
i am a computer science student I will like to generated many dao toward different dbs.
if you don't mind.

Re: Extremely good idea ?? how can I ????

Posted by Luigi 28.09.2004 19:44

Ah, there is nothing that prevents you from using it with Oracle 10G. I have successfully used DaoGen with Oracle in one *big* project, and there was no problems at all. It doesn't matter if you have many tables, you use the DaoGen exactly the same way. You will have to input the descriptions for your tables manually once, and then you will get the generated code. Also make sure you save the XML files too, so if you make small modifications, you can just fix the XML file and submit it to the generator and have new classes.

I have been planning to implement a separate component which would read the data directly from any given database and then produce the XML file for DaoGen, but I have not yet managed to find time to do that. Maybe you can do such piece of code? It should not be too difficult.

// Luigi