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DaoGen FAQ

1. What is Dao?
- Dao is Data Access Object for short. Dao is one of the core J2EE design patterns. Read more about Dao from

2. What is DaoGen?
- It's a program source code generator, which is specialised to generate database handling code. Please read the manual for more information.

3. What is this "source code" you keep talking?
- You really should not be here. Go away!

4. What do I need to use it?
- Only a web browser. All recent browsers should work out of the box.

5. Why should I use DaoGen, when I can use Entity Beans?
- There are many good reasons to use DaoGen instead Entity Beans. First, DaoGen makes your application fast. The generated code runs much, much faster than Entity Beans. Second, DaoGen generated code is totally independent of any application server and does not even require (EJB- or Servlet-) container to run. Third good reason is, that DaoGen gives you the source code and grants you a complete control to customize it according to your unique needs. This is much more difficult when using Entity Beans.

6. It it free?
- DaoGen is free to use, for whatever purposes you prefer. There is absolutely no warranty for it however.

7. Why you are not supporting my favorite language X?
- DaoGen supports those programming languages that DaoGen authors feel comfortable and important. However, other languages may become supported in the future. Please post your comment on DaoGen discussion forums if you have strong feelings about this matter.

8. Why you are not supporting my favorite Database Y?
- DaoGen supports all standard SQL databases, which have a JDBC driver available. Databases which are listed as a separate entry on the database server list, are supported also in "native" or "non-standard" mode. This special mode allows the generator to support special features that are unique to these servers. This has the downside, which makes the generated code to depend on this spesific server software. We are working to get more database systems supported in native mode, but you should use the "generic" mode unless you really need the special features which are provided only on your database server.

9. WTF? The generated code does not even compile?
- DaoGen does not implement AI (artificial intelligence). If you use it in a wrong way the generated code will be flawed. The most common problems are that you put illegal characters in tablename or classname. Also, make sure to provide well-formed classname, if your tablename contains the dot (.) character. DaoGen will use the tablename as a classname if no classname is provided and classname can not contain dots or spaces. Please read the manual for more information.

10. Where can I find the programming API documentation?
- DaoGen generates well documentented source code. Just generate the code for your tables in Java and run javadoc, this way you will have your very own API documentation.

11. I found a BUG in generated code!
- Ok, double check that it is not your application that bugs. If you are sure that the bug really is in DaoGen generated code, send us ( the generated file and explain what is wrong. You are also most welcome to discuss this subject in DaoGen discussion forums!

12. Where can I find more documentation for my project?
- Err.. Try these:
Java2 1.4 API
PHP4 Manual
MySQL Manual

13. Hah, I can write better generator for myself!
- Sure you can. Or you can use that time and effort for not to re-invent the wheel. Maybe you could even produce something that is more useful than this dumb generator. Think about it.

14. Where can I download (the source code for) DaoGen?
- You can not download the DaoGen generator as there is no need for that.
- Unfortunately the sourcecode for the DaoGen generator is not available. We do support OpenSource community by licensing all generated source under GNU GPL, but the generator itself will remain closed.