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singleQuery example in php

Posted by anonymous 18.01.2006 16:17

I have generated some code with daoGen, but when i try to use singleQuery it returns nothing. These are the steps i took:

- created a php file, test.php
- used the customer constructor to create the customer instance, $tempCustomer.
- used the customerDAO constructor to create the customerDAO instance, $tempCustomerDAO.
- then i use $tempCustomerDAO->load($tempCustomer).
- so now $valueObject=$tempCustomer, then when i use the following php method: print_r(get_vars_object($valueObject)) inside the singleQuery function, it shows the data from the database.
- but when i use the same method in test.php:
print_r(get_vars_object($tempCustomer)) it has know data, only the primary key of the table.

So it seems i have two different instances of customer, is somebody familiar with this problem?