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DaoGen & PHP 5

Posted by anonymous 27.02.2006 07:09

I previously created a web app using DaoGen and PHP 4.x running on Mandrake 10.

I just upgraded my dev server hardware and installed Mandriva 2006, which comes with PHP 5. After moving over the code and rebuilding the database, my web app no longer works. I now only get a blank screen when accessing DaoGen-driven pages. I have confirmed that my MySQL permissions are correctly setup using an independent script.

Is anyone running a DaoGen project with PHP 5?


On an unrelated note, until upgrading I've been running Linux (first Red Hat 5 and then Mandrake 10) on an P2 233MHz for the last 5 years. It is without a doubt the most efficent OS around.

Re: DaoGen & PHP 5

Posted by anonymous 27.02.2006 22:57

After checking the Apache error log it turns out the offending DaoGen code is the function clone(), where "clone" is now a reserved keyword in PHP 5.

This function exists in each DaoGen table class. I simply renamed each function to cloned() and I'm back in business.


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