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Data Access Object (DAO) Code Generator version 2.4.1

DaoGen is a program source code generator, designed to make database programming easier. DaoGen will generate fully working extendable source code for Data Access Object (DAO) classes according to the DAO design pattern. Currently DaoGen can generate source for Java and PHP languages with generic SQL databases.

Since DaoGen will generate source code according to the information that you provide, the resulting code will interact perfectly with your database. The idea is of course that it saves you from writing basic functionality for every database table you need in your application. DaoGen does not require any downloads or other boring stuff. You can use it right now with your web browser. Give it a try!

The DaoGen Manual explains the basics. Read it first!

Consult DaoGen FAQ and the DaoGen discussion forums before asking any questions.
The DaoGen programming examples are here to help you getting started.
Need reliable operating system to run your application? Take a look at Linux.
If you have the DaoGen XML metadata file(s) ready, you can import them here:

1. Select Basic Generator Options
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DaoGen ChangeLog:
2.4.0: Added getObject() convenience method to make loading easier.
2.3.1: Changed all Vector intances to ArrayList intances.
2.3.0: Added createValueObject() method to allow valueObject extending.
2.2.2: Fixed small bug in toString() method.
2.2.1: Added support for primitive Long types.
2.2.0: Added support for XML meta-data generation and re-import.
2.1.0: Added support for Integer and Double Object types.
2.0.2: All java value objects implement Serializable.
2.0.1: Fixed serious bugs in generated PHP code.
2.0.0: Complete rewrite for the whole generator in Java language.
- Added support for Oracle
- Renamed equals method to hasEqualMapping()
- Added support for value object clone.
1.1.1: Added support for selecting ASC and DESC ordering.
1.1.0: Added NotFoundException in generated Java code.
1.0.0: Final 1.0 release with minor bug fixes.
0.99.0: Support for Decimal, Time and Timestamp columns and some bugs fixed.
0.98.0: Implemented simple Dao-level caching system.
0.97.0: Added protected method for constructing single value objects.
0.96.1: Changed private methods to protected.
0.96.0: Added support for multiple primarykey columns.
0.95.3: Corrected small bug in get last_inserted_id.
0.95.2: Usability enhancements and visual cleanups.
0.95.1: Improved and updated manual and FAQ.
0.95.0: Implemented cleaner solution for auto_increment id query.
0.94.0: Added countAll method for easy row counting.
0.93.0: Added private method for building array results.
0.92.0: Allowed separate column and variable names.
0.91.2: Cleaned DaoObject searchMatching-method.
0.91.1: Cleaned valueObject equals-method.
0.91.0: Changed generated Java API to use List interface instead Vectors.
0.90.1: Enhanced cheking for column names and comments cleanup.
0.90.0: Forced correct naming for columns, added 3. example and cleaned code.
0.10.5: Started using StringBuffer when creating dynamic Strings.
0.10.4: Forced Java ResultSet and Statement closing in all cases.
0.10.3: Manual additions and cleaned examples.
0.10.2: Added consistency cheking for all options.
0.10.1: Fixed bugs in generated PHP code.
0.10.0: Added basic manual and enhanced usability.
0.9.9: Corrected SQL indexes and created examples and FAQ.
0.9.8: Added License to generated sources.
0.9.7: Debugged PHP language support. Added Datasource.php helper.
0.9.6: Completed PHP language support. General layout enhancements.
0.9.5: Initial PHP language support. (for now, ValueObject code only.)
0.9.4: Cleaned generated code and made most comments javadoc compatible.